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Welcome to our Rave Reviews! Here, you’ll find heartwarming stories and genuine feedback from our valued clients. Each testimonial is a reflection of our commitment to transforming lives and a true measure of our successes and passions. Let these stories inspire you to take the first step towards your own transformational journey.

“Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with us to organize our upper level. It makes a calming difference in our home and gives us all a great start to implementing the beautiful design you’ve left for us. Your beautiful spirit fills our home with light and love.”

Krista C.

“Hands down, I would never trust anyone else with my family’s needs for organizing and the gentle care necessary to deal with very dynamic and emotional situations. D.J. will forever be family for the care and quality she took with our personal belongings to create a space that remained warm and usable. She gave us all some bright hope which was so timely in such a sad time for us all. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!”

Danielle C.

“D.J. was MORE than amazing with her ideas and ability to physically handle such a large job to clean out and organize our parents’ home of over 40 years. She had the needed compassion and the consideration for our family and each one of our needs and personalities. We would not have been nearly as successful and productive if we had to do this on our own. She was so thorough and thoughtful, yet brisk in helping us to make decisions and keep things moving so that we felt accomplished early on in our week-long project.”

The Grabowski Family

“As a family of 6, we just couldn’t figure out where to put all our things and how to keep those spaces clean. My laundry room and pantry were both a disaster. They were constantly a mess and extremely disorganized. D.J. literally came to the rescue. In 10 hours, she completely transformed our spaces. They went from the places that we all dreaded to the rooms we now look at and admire. She helped go through piece by piece and organize absolutely everything. She has a gift for sorting and arranging that is unbelievable. And the best part of this story is that it lasts! If you have any space in your home that overwhelms you, I highly recommend calling her to help!”

Kimberly G.

“We bought our house sight unseen and moved across the country. Thanks to D.J., our miracle worker and move manager, we walked into a home that was completely move-in ready. She oversaw every step of the process, coordinated all of the vendors, and provided ongoing communication and photos. She was such a joy to work with and we would recommend her services to anyone! We are so happy with our final product – it is like we moved into a brand-new home.”

Bonnye P.

“D.J. did a great job of transforming specific areas from cluttered to organized and efficient spaces. It is so easy to keep everything organized because everything has a place. We can find what we need because the method makes sense and is personalized to our space. It has made hectic mornings trying to find items into more time to enjoy a cup of coffee and less stress!”

Joe. C.

“When we arrived at our new home, we had several pieces of furniture that needed to be placed and multiple art pieces that needed to be hung. D.J. and her team (Transformation Duo) provided great insights and set up our home in such a beautiful way. Their attention to detail and creative ideas brought new life to many of our antique pieces. They also found the perfect spot in my office for my treasured deer heads. We love our new home and are so thankful for their help.”

Wesley P.

“When I was starting a new business and was trying to organize my inventory and equipment, D.J. came in and made my life so much easier. She not only cleaned and decluttered my space, she helped me make critical decisions on set up so that I could be efficient and make my work process easier. She truly listened to what I wanted and needed and made it happen. I can’t recommend her enough if you are looking for someone to help you “get your stuff together”. I looked at a project that felt overwhelming and she jumped right in and tackled the hard stuff. She is so worth the investment!”

Mendy D.

“D.J. came to the rescue and completely transformed our spaces. They went from the places we all dreaded to the rooms we now look at and admire. She helped go through piece by piece and organize absolutely everything. She has a gift for sorting and arranging that is unbelievable!”


“D.J. has such a calming presence and a gift for knowing exactly how to organize and rearrange “things” so that it not only looks clean and tidy, but also easily accessible and efficient. She helped me organize my kitchen drawers and cupboards. Then we moved to my college son’s room and then the mudroom. She helped with my own closet, all the winter gear and even the dreaded storage room with all the totes!! There is no space that she cannot help transform. I was afraid of the “trickle down” of cleaning one space and then having to deal with the mess of what was pulled out, but that is the easy part for D.J.! Not only does she make it easy for the client to determine if items need to be kept – if you decide to donate things, she will drop things off herself for you! I can’t recommend D.J. enough!!!”

Steph F.

“We live out of state and purchased a home for short term rentals. Thankfully, D.J. was there to organize and stage EVERYTHING. Super professional, kind, and present. Highly recommend!”

Sheila N.

“I am so thankful for D.J. Her organizing services are amazing and I can’t believe the difference in our various spaces. The transformations look so good; I highly recommend A New Dawn Solutions. She is a lifesaver and is simply the best. What she has done for us is life changing!”


“Working with D.J. to design and furnish an Airbnb was such a pleasant experience! We’d highly recommend her to any prospective clients. She was creative, thorough, and – most importantly – she worked within our tight timeframe. Our property is now beautifully designed and furnished thanks to D.J.!”

Amanda B.

“D.J. was AMAZING with guidance and organization. (And cheerleading!!) A huge thank you to her for organizing and packing up the basement for our move. I honestly thought we would only get through the guest room, but that is now ready for holiday guests, and we have the entire downstairs office and family room packed. We are looking forward to her helping us UNpack and organize the new place in January. Highly recommend.”

Tracy H.

“I went from a 3,700+ square foot home to a 1,750 square foot twin home. D.J. and her crew worked with me through the whole process – from staging to a very organized packing system for the move. D.J. was great to work with and very attentive to detail. I so appreciate her help with this whole process!”

Nancy K.

“We needed help selling, donating, and disposing of household items after the death of my husband’s sister. D.J. took care of this in a very short time plus a final cleaning of the house to ready it for sale. She was very professional, affordable, and the communication was top-notch. We recommend her services 100%.”

Randy & Bev

“D.J. is one of the most kind, detail oriented, efficient, mindful, and sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She makes the insurmountable task of moving out of a home easy and worry free. She listens, makes you feel at ease, and we had a great time working together. She is worth every penny and more. Do yourself a favor and hire her.”


“D.J. was a delight to work with. She helped me organize and toss many things after 20 years of playing at my lake house. We had fun working together and very importantly she kept me moving. I would definitely recommend her services for whatever project is needed to be done! She is quick and very efficient with a great smile!!”


“D.J. is amazing! I was struggling to organize my pantry, master closet and toy room. I didn’t know where or how to start. She came in and we worked together to tackle these areas and moved on to other areas. It is such a relief to have a place for everything and to have everything beautifully organized! In her time at our home, she accomplished so much that I had been dreading doing for so long. She is simply the best and I highly recommended her!”


“If you want less stress in your life, if you have a big job you need to have done, if you just want to get organized, it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, this is the person you want to call. Thank you, D.J. for every single thing. I could not have done it without you!!!”


“D.J. was so fun to watch as her creative mind wheels turned. I needed someone like her to guide us, have a vision, and to think outside the box. She brought the feeling I wanted and the rooms to life. I’m forever grateful for her gifts & would recommend her to others in a heartbeat!!”


“I am the world’s worst procrastinator. I knew I needed to organize my craft room, but was too overwhelmed to start. Then, a miracle happened; D.J. moved in next door! I shared my frustration and we got to work and the room is wonderful now! We moved on to the garage and finished up with the kitchen. I am so happy I’ve gotten to know D.J. and have shared my experiences with friends and they are now reaching out for help. She is the best!!”

Jerri D.

“D.J. is personal, full of energy, and very professional. I had D.J. do her magic on my laundry room, pantry, and a couple of closets. I had multiple boxes of donations and she loaded them up and took them to local charities.”


“I cannot imagine how I ever managed without D.J. She is the most organized, wonderful, and amazing person! She helps me with everything for my move. All I have to do is pick up the phone and say oh my goodness could you please do this, and the next thing you know, I have my answer, along with a phone number and a contact person. She thinks of everything I don’t and helps me do everything I need to do. I can’t tell you how much I admire this lady. She is more than worth every single penny.”


“D.J. is simply the best at what she does! She was incredibly helpful in organizing a huge basement area that hadn’t been touched in year. It was an amazing transformation. We then moved on to closets. My housekeeper couldn’t believe the change. She was always punctual, professional, and kind. I would give her my very highest recommendation! Thank you, D.J.”


“D.J. is absolutely amazing! We had purchased a very demanding business soon after finding out I was pregnant at 9 months along, I needed to stop putting off the task of getting the nursery ready. So, I quickly took to the internet for a solution. From the start, D.J. was able to fit the project in to her schedule even though it was very last minute. Luckily for us, she did because our baby was born less than a week later. I was so nervous about letting someone else handle a task I normally would have been able to handle but after hiring D.J., I can honestly say I am a believer! The stress she took off of us was worth every penny and the nursery turned out even better than I had hoped for! I will absolutely be hiring her again in the future and would highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Lacie P.

“D.J. helped us out with some decluttering and organizing in anticipation of a move overseas in the next 18 months. We reached out for her help because both my husband and I have severe ADHD and were struggling to tackle the “stuff mountains” that we have accumulated in our house over the past 8 years. Having D.J. go through all of our things, categorize them in ways that we could make decisions, and then help us remove and donate items was HUGE! She turned a project that seemed enormous and un-tackle-able into something that was accomplished in 1 week. We still have more work to do, but this got us off to a great start.“

Ashley V.