My Story

It’s A New Day – Rise & Shine!


I’m D.J., Founder & Chief Solutions Officer at A New Dawn Solutions

For several years, I had extremely rewarding careers in education, real estate, fundraising, and sales, but the entrepreneurial bug kept arising. My ultimate goal is to help others and make a difference in their lives. I don’t think it gets much better than that!

I’ve been organizing for years – literally as young as age 2 according to my mom. I like organizing anything – a drawer, closet, pantry, garage, or an entire home. If I can help plan an event as well, that’s frosting on the cake as they say – (gooey cream cheese type frosting).

More about me…
• Minnesota girl at heart
• Funky glasses are my trademark
• The sound of wind chimes soothe my soul
• I’ll do ‘almost’ anything to take a great photo
• Sweet potato fries with ranch are a fav
• Spending time with my son, six nieces, and their families is my favorite place to be

I can’t wait to share my gifts and passions with you.

It’s a new day to Rise & Shine!

D.J. Blomgren

Founder, Professional Organizer & Home Strategist

Be Yourself – Everyone Else Is Taken
“D.J. is the most organized person I know! Every day she comes with a positive & helpful attitude. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with D.J. is blessed – she is an amazing woman & will do whatever it takes to get the job done!”

Kim H.