It’s A New Day – Rise & Shine!

What does a professional organizer do?

Professional Organizers provide a variety of solutions including decluttering and organizing, downsizing and rightsizing, estate clearing, home transformations, move management, and so much more. The overall goal is to help you transform your space and create life changing results by creating systems that will bring calm and more joy into your home, simplify your daily routines, and lessen your stress.

What takes place during the free consultation?

During the free consultation it is our job to listen. We will tour your space and discuss your hopes, dreams, timeline, and budget for each project. No preparation is needed as we want to see everything ‘as is’ when we arrive. A typical consultation lasts approximately one hour. Book your free consultation here.

What does your pricing include?

Our home solutions packages include a comprehensive assessment, transformation planning, and the solutions implementation. Each package is customized based on the individual needs of each client. We provide donation drop off or schedule donation pick up and provide support for one month following the final project day. All travel is included within a 30-mile radius. The cost of supplies is not included. Education, love, and laughter are guaranteed.

What does a session look like?

During the consultation we’ll determine how little or how much you’d like to be involved in the process. Your customized package will follow your requests and will be tailored to your needs. You may work alongside us or we will offer our done-for-you experience. The time spent is dependent on the overall scope of the focus project as well as how quickly you make decisions. As part of the DJ-IFY process we will implement the solutions for transforming your space which include sorting, decluttering, organizing, and final placement. If you determine you’d like to let go of any belongings, we’ll help determine the best steps for that as well.

What does your vacation paradise package include?

While you are away, we’ll make your day!
• House Sitting
• Pet Sitting
• Organizing spaces and overseeing home transformations
• Ala Carte options

Prior to your vacation I will spend time with you at your home learning about your needs, hopes, and dreams. While you are away, I’ll take care of your home and pets. I’ll implement my DJ-IFY process and when you return, I’ll reveal the changes we’ve done for you. Simplicity, order, harmony, beauty, and joy! We can’t wait!


Please ask! We are here to serve and want to help you any way we can. Feel free to call or e-mail us. It’s your day to Rise & Shine!